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Originally Posted by mrcalzon02 View Post
Flame from here on out.Read at own risk.
so when it comes down to it what is this? okay.
what this ends up being is again.
2.looking for someone who wants to go out with male half.
3.Willing to date a married person.
4.And who is willing to do so with the knowledge that we are looking for something Long term.
5.And that they must be child friendly.(I,e NO drugs, no insanity's)
6.And they will always have the choice to leave.

how hard is it to find someone who is drug free? who isn't insane? is not being involved in crime that hard to come by? is that really that rare?

And.. when did people stop wanting to have sex? is it bad to want it? to want to explore sexually? why is that a bad thing?

I'm failing to see why people seam to be freaking out about what we want. are people getting angry because we are basically looking for a wife/sister third? are they jealous? angry that we dare disturb there little world? or that we might attain what they dare-not-admit/are-unable ?
Your failure to hear us is why people are pointing it out. No one here is freaking out. The people here see your question more than once a week. Many of them have been here for years, seeing this question once a week. Many of the folks who have provided you answers have been approached by couples much like yourselves. They ARE the women you are looking for. They are trying to explain to you why this is difficult. If you wanted someone to encourage you, you should have asked for encouragement.

I don't quite understand how that's a 'flame' but you might want to consider that presenting a flame in a place you are asking for help and advice might not be the way to get help and advice.

Also the people giving the advice have been the seekers. They know your struggles.

I recommend you read up the volumes of things already written on these forums. You might find the encouragement you seek. There is a thread on success stories. Although, I think you will find much more useful advice if you do a tag search for 'unicorn.'
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