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I generally like making my own way. Often though I think a roadmap would be lovely. There is no such thing sadly but if you poke around the board you will see people 'doing' poly in all kinds of ways. Some will make sense to you and some will ick you out. You don't even have to identify as poly - maybe open or 'just her and him'.

Also, you are in a situation where it is all brand new, unfamiliar, rather scary, and contradicts much of what you 'know' about, well, everything. And you don't know how it will all shake out, you can't know. I hate ambiguity with all of my being. I bet you do too. Now you find yourself with nothing but ambiguity. It's ok to hate that. It will resolve itself. I remind myself of that when in a similar state - that helps sometimes. Acknowledging the discomfort helps sometimes. Dark chocolate helps sometimes. Maybe cute girl can give you a framework of when she will be able to think about you and her? She may not be able to so that but maybe a set time to check in with each other about it?

Best of luck! Really you are doing much better than you think.

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