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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
#1.) Your user name really caught my eye - Richard Feynman was one of my childhood heroes (I read his autobiography when I was about 10) - any relation?
Unfortunately, no relation. He's also a hero of mine. I still haven't "come out" to the world, so I'm choosing to remain anonymous for now and chose Feynman as a pseudonym as a kind of statement about what is important to me.

Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
You are posting on a poly forum, so lots of us here can help you explore your motivations and desires - since many of us share them. I would point out though that your, yes "extremely hypocritical" theoretical "off the deep end" jealousy when it comes to your girlfriend having another male partner may have to be addressed if this is a long-term endeavor. You don't mention her sexual or relationship orientation but, at some point - if this goes forward - unless she is strictly mono, she may look at what you have (are considering having) and decide that she wants the same.
I don't disagree, but I'd rather approach that topic slowly and from a distance. So far, my tactic has been to be extremely honest about that as well, so that everybody involved knows where I stand, as unfair as it might be. My girlfriend and I are extremely communicative, so we have that going for us. I do my best to make up for the unfairness in other ways--compensating by conceding on things that matter most to her.

My girlfriend is straight. She's not opposed to sex with women, but has never sought it.
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