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Just wanted to note random things that bring on "happy" for me for times when I need to remember that.

Everyone having a cold is a slight bummer, but nothing horrible. Dealing with the annoying bathrooms is a slight bummer, but nothing horrible. I like my problems being low key like that. It's a welcome relief from all the drama in the last few months while supporting Divorcing Friend.

To my knowledge, estranged husband is leaving her ALONE finally. So maybe it was worth all the courthouse hassle then. I hope she gets her things in order for the divorce hearing coming up and it passes fast. We have to help move her later in the week to the new flat.

Winter solstice and Christmas activities with family and friends were pleasant. More tiring than usual because of the illness factor, but fun.

DH being off work is nice -- especially since we got to spend time alone before school let out. I arranged a few babysits here and there to be alone during the school break also. Even just running errands alone is nice. I get to talk to him without kid being in ear shot and that matters to me. Having time to talk without kiddie interruptions.

Last night I was laying on the couch reading while he was tinkering around with his robot making (for the kid) and this is one of the things I've always enjoyed. Being in the same room together. Even though we're both pursuing the things we enjoy on our own.

I told him to come over and love me at one point when he was getting up to get a drink or something.

He came over to me and obliged my sitting next to me and stuffing his fingers in between my toes tickling feverishly. I laughed and squidged my foot under the cushion. He grabbed it and kept on. I waved my leg about shrieking. He went after the other foot.

I was expecting him to "love me" by kissing my cheek or biting my neck. He hasn't gone for a toe tickle frenzy in a long time so that was amusing. Tickling is a kind of intimate touching -- as adults we really don't spend a lot of time tickling other people unless it is a partner or one's children or grandchildren. It's touching reserved for special people in our lives. I don't tickle the bank teller. YKWIM?

I was finishing the book I gave him for Christmas when I was reading on the couch. I can't remember when it began first. It seems to me it was near or after child appeared. But we have this now traditional exchange of Christmas gifts not fit for kiddie eyes. This year we gave each other naughty reading.

This morning I woke naturally to sun filtering in from the window. I felt rested. I felt content. Everyone else was still sleeping, so I got to wake up at my prefered pace rather than BANG! Hit the floor running and pack lunches and launch people off to hither and yon.

I got to flirt with DH and snuggle him awake.

I got the kid up by getting into bed with her and wrapping her up with her fleece blanket like a sausage. She enjoyed the tickling and goofing about -- especially when she managed to pin me down and "chin" my back. She knows that tickles. I was yelling for Daddy but no help came. I had to just get up and let the kid hang on me as best she could and shake her off me.

One day she will be too old for hijinks like that -- both in size and she won't even want it any more. I can still manage piggy backs like that, and DH can still do shoulder rides. I definitely cannot do shoulders any more and the day will come when he won't be able to either.

In conversation with the child we both noted her vocabulary expanding and this is amusing.

We went out to do errands and while people were out, you could tell it was holiday time. The streets are quieter. We ate lunch and the restaurant wasn't nearly as jammed as it otherwise would be. I wasn't going to order coffee but when DH did I couldn't resist. That too is a small pleasure -- the smell of a good roast.


I like not being rushed.

I like quality time with my people. Be with the people I want to be with rather than the people I have to go see.

I like not having a long laundry list of things to do.

I like the opportunity to have things be unplanned.

I like the opportunity to be BORED. It's only when boredom could happen that I get to engage in creative things so as not to BE bored. Get to do the things I want to do rather than the things I have to do -- read, write, plan my garden, think about sewing things, make things with/for the kid.

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