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My boyfriend and I became best friends in April 1993.
We became sexually involved in 1996, for one month.
We were platonic friends for several years.
1998 we became sexually involved again. That ended after a couple months.
1999 I got married to my husband.
bf and I started a sexual affair in 2001.
That ended a few months later.
re-ignited and ended several times over the next few years.
2005 the three of us started discussing having a baby.
2006 via a turkey baster bf impregnated me with our youngest child.
2007 our beautiful daughter was born and Dh fell madly in love with her.
Sept 2009 we became sexually involved and made a commitment as boyfriend/girlfriend. That's remained steady.

But-through it all-we've ALWAYS been best friends and none of the times we stopped being sexually involved were induced by a fight or anything like that. We just "go with the flow" and it works.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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