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Have you heard the word polyfidelitious?

I will bow to Gala girl for advice on managing your emotions (as I regularly go to her blog for advice on managing my own).

But, I thought it might be of benefit to you to know-that there are many people who are poly (they love more than one) but closed.

I prefer a closed dynamic myself. I find the "what if" to be overwhelming at times even in a closed dynamic. LOL!

So-don't beat yourself up for not being poly in SOMEONE's way.

You love two-ok. That's good.
You don't want all of the autonomous freedom that some people practice. Ok, that's good too.

It's like kink:
some people have marriages that are kinky.
Some prefer their marriage to stay vanilla.

Nothing wrong with either.

If you want a more poly-fi, closed dynamic. That's ok.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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