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Originally Posted by Josie View Post
I've been reading posts on here for coming up to a year now and there's something that keeps confusing me.

So many people's posts include some sort of I'm bi so it only makes sense that I'm poly, or a partner explains that they only just found out that their partner is poly but they shoud've expected it because their partner is bi.

I don't get this.

In my experience, being bisexual doesn't make you more likely to be poly.

I've seen loads of posts where people explain their situation as 'I'm in a f/m relationship but I'm bisexual so I need a woman in my life as well.'

I guess I don't really understand. I'm bisexual myself but that didn't make my transitioning from a mono to a poly lifestyle any easier.

So, I'm bi-, and have been in a mono relationship for nearly 15 years, married just shy of 10. The only reason, I think, that being bi impacted my world is that I wasn't really expecting to fall for a girl (since I don't have many female friendships, and I only fall for friends)...and my best friend is both a girl and poly.

I was happily bi- and mono for most of my life. This is, by far, harder than the bi- issue.
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