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Originally Posted by JonnyAce View Post

I'm sorry you haven't spoken to your mom since xmas, it is very difficult to make that decision. i dread the day that my mom has this reaction, as when i told her i was in a poly relationship, she told me that she would never be able to accept any other partners besides JustChristine, and would not be able to be around them. i don't want to hijack this thread as it's not about me. just know that my heart goes out to you, and i hope things get better with time.


feel free to talk about your own situation, as 2 heads are better than one to come up with any kind of solution,

i am thinking of phoning my mum soon, at least to wish her a happy new year, i will talk about montianboy and R as normal and see how she reacts but im guessing she will be telling me personally soon that she is going to refuse to meet R, so far she has only told montianboy this. My plan is to stay calm and not get over emtional. Accept that this is how she feels for now but explain to her that long term it might be difficult becuase R is going to be part of my family and living here with us avoiding him will be difficult.

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