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Originally Posted by mrcalzon02 View Post
we should have a thick hide about this(it is the internet were talking to.) but it still hurts when you insult or be little us. we came here for advice and to share in what might lie ahead.
I think this is fair, on both ends. Yeah, you need to toughen up a bit about asking for advice on the interwebs especially when what you are looking for is so...common a search for married couples. On the other hand, being nice to the newbies is always something to shoot for.

Originally Posted by mrcalzon02 View Post
Yes we have a list. so? the list is common sense things like, Must not be drug addict, or must not be Clinically insane. live-in-nanny is that what you call a mother? ... maybe you are right and we aren't cut out for this, we still intend to try.
Again, I kind of see this. If what you're looking for is a triad of some sort (although it doesn't sound like your wife is sexually interested in women, so...), then all the same criteria that people have for roommates apply. Not a drug addict or a sociopath, responsible, etc are all good qualities for roommates. Then you're trying to have a child with this person. Okay, so that adds on all the issues that come with surrogacy/open-adoption...that they have an accepting family, that they aren't bad at making life choices, etc.

Hell, I wasn't looking to date, and I've found I still have an internal list: kind, intelligent, funny, respectful, quirky, patient, dedicated. Those are all requirements for long-lasting friendship, and, apparently, whatever else there is in the world.

Take a breath and start slow. Best advice I've been given.
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Developed a fast and accidental crush on then-best-friend, CG (cute-girl) and world fell apart after telling said girl. Came here for advice and info in case it became a thing. It didn't, but the friendship exploded. Turned world a bit upside-down, hence the moniker. ::sigh::
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