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I can't believe I forgot to mention this...

Saturday night we have a little surprise b'day party for Twitch (41 on the 18th). It was hosted by one of our kink friends and all of the guests were from that community. One of our really close friends is a very skilled rigger with a number of the guests also being experienced with rope. One of the budding riggers is an amazing lady, RSL, and she suspended Twitch. He was wearing a kilt with the high socks and I helped transition the two of them from awkward, "gee, can we do this with him partially dressed", to "hey, you are going to have to stripped down to your b'day suit in order for this to work." It was a lot of fun to watch her rope work. She's gotten quite good in the past year. Our very skilled suspension friend was there to consult with and watch over to make sure things were done properly and safely which lent an air of security.

RSL is a poly girl who isn't in any serious relationships right now, but is seeking.

Afterwards we all moved back upstairs to the living room. Twitch was sitting on the hearth in front of the fireplace and she sat down next to him. After a bit they got too warm and when they moved over to the couch by me and some of other friends she threw her leg was over his in a very snuggly fashion. I loved it. I love that my life can have those elements in it. I love that some other woman is attracted to my man and would gladly take him as a lover. It made me happy for him. It made me happy that they were both comfortable doing that in front of me...that I haven't sent out vibes that he is my territory.
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