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we should have a thick hide about this(it is the internet were talking to.) but it still hurts when you insult or be little us. we came here for advice and to share in what might lie ahead.

Yes we have a list. so? the list is common sense things like, Must not be drug addict, or must not be Clinically insane. live-in-nanny is that what you call a mother? We didn't go into this thinking it would be instant. how many people can say they are really okay with dating someone who is married? that is a must have,and its on the list. Lists are organized Lists are easy. people are not lists weed out those who cannot think. we where not born yesterday.we are aware that we are probably going to need to start as casual and then If things develop from there who ever is with us is not going to be Blindsided by the question "Gee you willing to have a kid" out of nothing. Any parent can tell you them more help the Better! you know the old saying "it takes a community to raise kids" and its Us who would end up the nanny's. not her, the child would be hers we would be helping her taking as much or as little part as She was willing... maybe you are right and we aren't cut out for this, we still intend to try.
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