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Sorry about the confusing post. He has proposed the three of us trying with group sex. However, he has never been interested in casual sex and tends to overcommit to relationships. He has said she is the first person he has been attracted to in a long time so I think that is a factor for him. Our relationship is much more friendship with sex. He has never been in-love with me and I think he misses that.

I am a full time university student and have recently begun seeing a psychologist through my school about how to deal with our son who has Aspergers and oppositional defiant disorder. We also are discussing the strain our son's difficulties put's on my marriage.

I asked both the husband and friend if we can all get together to discuss what we want from each other. We have talked as pairs about it but not all together.

Galagirl, You pretty much summed up everything much better than I did. Thank you. I needed an impartial opinion to help me clarify my thoughts and you helped. I need to figure out what I want and we need to have a frank discussion about whether adding someone to our relationship is a complication that is worth dealing with at this time.
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