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Well, you could call them up after holidays to give an opportunity to talk it out once feelings have had a chance to settle down.

Then you could ALSO consider how would you like to be treated in future? Whether in this polyship or a new one.

Maybe you don't want to get sexual / sexual again before laying your expectations, preferences, and boundaries out to your polyship people first?

Here's what I gathered from your post:

  • How to deal with feelings like jealousy in this polyship?
  • How to deal with conflict resolution?
  • How you prefer the polyship ends, when that time comes?
  • How you prefer to be broken up with (face to face, after all have had chance to discuss) and not by text.

  • That you do not want to take spouses from each other and want to be there as an addition, not replacement.
  • That you have no desire for marriage or kids.
  • That you don't mind being a secondary right now, but would like to be equals in the far future and be working toward co-primaryship type of open model.

Is there anything else you would add to that? What would they add? What are their concerns?

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