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Doing well. Feeling like a real, appreciated part of the crew at my job, which I started just under three months ago. Glad I found a position in which the boss really knows how to treat staff well and where we all work together to raise the bar for everyone and ourselves.

Also happy that I received a payment today from my additional freelance work, which I had not expected to get until the 31st.

New potential interests have suddenly popped up on OKC and I've been having good conversations the last few days. Am making a date with one guy for this Friday night, and another for early- to mid-January. Not getting my hopes up too much, but it is nice to get responses and know there is interest. I write so many guys who never reply, I was beginning to wonder what was turning them off.

Anyway, about to call my sister to wish her a Merry Christmas, and I'm feelin' good.
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