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I just completed a project i conceived almost 2 decades ago, which has occupied my mind during that time for probably about an average of 75-80%. Also fortunately, i have an entire week left to enjoy the results of my patient efforts. This is a personal triumph; it does not come with a financial reward or public recognition. I am not a person who is goal-oriented or ambitious, but i can appreciate the focus, determination, serendipity, and above all the PATIENCE that it took to pull off this caper. I was prepared for something to go wrong in the 11th hour that would set me back, but nothing of that sort happened. I also have not talked about the progress of this project with anyone so as not to jinx it or create expectations. I am still skeptical about sharing too many specifics, especially on the internet. I do not like to gush about how good i feel about my life at any given point because it's been my experience that something "crashes" whenever i do so. I am functionally superstitious like that, and it has been working for me.

tl;dr I am feeling very good about things, to the point that i don't want to share too much or something will happen to end it. This has nothing to do with money or relationships. It's more of a personal-growth thing.
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