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Default Understood.

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
What are YOU after here? Monoamory? Monogamy? Willingness to explore polyamory but not swinging?
I don't know. I am still confused and have no clue what I want, what I can handle and how it might all work. I don't even know the difference of some of the terms you just threw out

When I brought up group sex with the other couple, I was merely talking about it as something I could possibly handle, to start. I had no intention of doing anything soon. I already told my wife that I am in no hurry to agree to anything, since it's all very fresh. My timeline is 6 months to a year before I think I will be ready. I need to work on me and I know it.

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Have you been able to find a counselor? When you were near suicidal at the start of the year -- I am concerned this break neck speed is no good for your own mental health. You are already in a tough line of work (police)!
I already had a counselor from earlier this year. Unfortunately, the holidays sort of began right around the time my wife came to me with everything and my counselor hasn't been available and won't be until the second week of Jan.

Til then, I sort of do self maintenance by keeping busy, not dwelling on things and keeping a good attitude.
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