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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
One of my pet peeves: "The Bible says."

The Bible says a lot of things.

Where was it said, and by whom, and is it contradicted elsewhere, and what does that (gather in fellowship) mean? Are solitary hermit monks not Xtian b/c of that one line?
Right on. It's a peeve of mine too. Nearly as much as clinging to definitions in a dictionary while language continues to change. When you can have a word that contradicts itself like sanction, it puts it into perspective. The words are less relevant than they were before they were printed.

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I had a similar experience with my very Catholic grandmother who was always upset that my parents weren't raising us in the church. She would always try to reeducate me to save me whenever I spent time with her. But she died when I was 9 so I never really hit the point where I could have a serious religious dialogue with her.


I love that in a UU church you'll find a service about Islamic mysticism one week, a service about Advent and the idea of ritualistic waiting in the darkest months another week, and a service about Richard Dawkins and the rationalists yet another week.

My mom had a similar moment when I expressed my first interest in Wicca. Suddenly I was dragged to church.

My family is Anglican generally. That usually translates from British to U.S. to be Episcopalian.

That is another reason why I am drawn to the UU church. The spiritual length and breadth they encompass is amazing. Where I used to live near my uni, they would show the service from the previous week on the local channel. It was very nice especially since I never seemed to be able to get down there.

To answer the original inquiry I am Pagan. Spiritual, earthy and eclectic. African and European influences and whatever I learn next. Pantheist is a compatible term.

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