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Default Baby steps

I read your story with fascination. I find that trials and tribulations can either separate couples or make them stronger. I am so happy that it has made you two stronger. My wife and I have had some rather daunting trials in the 21 years that we have been together that have rocked the foundations of our marriage. Yes we emerged different, but much stronger. Our love has been tempered by it and is stronger that ever. But I do not think we could have done it without the sense of community. This is what eventually brought us to the Polyamory life. It is a nurturing and loving way that has carried us through much of the worst and shown us happy that we could have only imagined.

My friend, make your journey with baby steps. Make sure that with each step your marriage and love remain strong and true. Communication is so very important as is your love for each other.

C & D

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