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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
No comment required.
But if one were to comment anyway, one might admit to finding it amusing when a person posts a poll that essentially says "what should i do", then writes in same said thread "don't tell me what i should or shouldn't do".

Furthermore, it is worth observing that the OP writes a thread titled "trouble... Etc." and in the next breath declares that they are "trying for a baby" with another member of this "trouble".

Notice that i have not made any assumptions nor have i indicated any judgement about age in this post. I am simply repeating what has been said by the OP and pointing out the functional discrepancies.

If i wanted to be judgmental, i'd talk about the innocent human the OP wants to create and how that baby has no choice about being brought into a fucked up situation. But since i'm trying to avoid being judgmental, i will keep my opinions to myself, since they were not asked for.

Do i at least grasp the gist of it? Or should i start a separate thread with a poll asking that very question?
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