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Doin' okay. Cooked my first wheat, corn, and peanut free meal for my wife and it came out pretty okay. The gravy was the only part that really needs tweeking still. People keep telling me that I'm a bit of a natural kitchen alchemist and I think I might start believing them after tonight.

Other then that, work and money has me stressed. Since BrigidsDaughter got bit by a spider, a stubborn case of pink eye, and diagnosed with these allergies in the span of a month money has been realllllly tight between copays, medicine, and the food for her. However we'll pull through like always. I'm going to start meal planning and cooking for us which will help reduce costs.

As for work, things are going well overall. My bosses are still happy with me and we've been swamped with orders. The stress comes in from one employee who is no longer with us. Long and short of it the guy screwed up, potentially, between $10-20K in hard to acquire material (it's a special steel alloy that's only made 1-2 times a year in 1 foundry in Germany). Good news is my bosses trust me enough to have the skill to salvage the material. Downside is I know if I can't save as much of it as possible it's a hard hit on the company, and that's where the stress is coming in.
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