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My health has been bad lately. I injured my back in September, it healed, but the pain flared up again, worse than ever, on top of a cold that turned into a sinus infection! I went to the dr and got pain meds for my back and antibiotics for the infection. I was stoned on narcotics for 3 days, and now the pain has lessened a bit. I was on a 3 day course of antibiotics and felt better but after a couple days the symptoms came back, cough, fever.

Somehow I managed to throw a lovely Yule ritual and party for miss pixi, Ginger and my son. Bf and son had only met once before and briefly, so I was glad they got to spend some more time together.

My back didn't prevent me from lots of sex with Ginger and also sex with miss pixi in the days preceding Yule. I am insatiable. Just had to be careful with positions, heh.

Now, it is Xmas Eve and I am throwing a little dinner party with miss p's and son's help. My local daughter (who is doing better dealing with her mental illness lately) has found a seemingly nice bf and they just got their own apartment. I've only met her bf once before. So they are coming over around 7 for dinner and presents.

Tomorrow miss p and son and I are going to go see the Les Miserables movie. She is so enamoured of the story and stage play so we are very excited. Then son will leave and miss p and I will go drive around and look at Xmas lights, then come home and exchange our presents.

Just wish I wasn't sick for it all... sigh. At least I've got good love in my life.
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