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An idea from Another Confused. This statement describes how I feel about the last year+ that I've been with my boyfriend. The year has posed some huge emotional challenges, but I have probably learned more about coping with my emotions and adapting to other people than I have in the past 20 years with my husband. (Of course, therapy helped too.) Despite having made plenty of mistakes, I feel really good about what I have managed during this year.


I go social dancing. Everyone knows that if you only ever dance with one partner, your dancing will be very slow to improve. You may actually build in bad habits that make you difficult for others to dance with. You will probably get bored. If you dance with many different partners, you will be constantly learning new steps, perfecting your physical communication skills, expanding your repertoire, honing your own personal style, and of course, having a rich and interesting social experience. This is what I want in life.
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