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Me and my partners don't have veto power per say. We have it I suppose, but only under certain limitations. Those are, if some one deliberately tries to end one of our relationships in favor of theirs they are gone, and if someone is physically abusive they are gone. I don't know your boundaries, his, or what your veto power means, if anything in this case. I would say though, this person tried to disrupt your relationship in the past, so why should they get another chance? It doesn't seem like they want to be poly with your partner, it seems they want to be with your partner under whatever circumstances they can, and that can lead to the same drama as before. If I'm wrong, disregard all of this. But if this were me, I would say "this person did xyz before and because of that I'm not willing to get involved again, I see it as a danger to our relationship. I can't control you, but these are my wants and needs and I would hope you respect them" and see what happens. I wish you the best of luck, and hope either I am wrong and it ends well, or you avoid a toxic situation all together.
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