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A guy just sent me this:
wow!.. Just Read through your profile, i love what ive seen and I would Be most Honored if you Grant Me the opportunity to Open a communication Line,Learn about each other, what Our Preferences are, and see the possibility of Chemistry btween Us..been a widower for 6years, got 2 wonderful Kids, that comes after My God, cos God comes first in my everyday doing.I Truly pray & hope Age Difference, Race/Color, Distance doesnt Pre Define your Match, but what they've got at Heart. Because Most people make those 3 a priority in choosing friend and Partner which in my Opinion is very wrong.. Aint nothing Wrong in Making friends.. Hope to Read from You soon, you may Kindly leave ma a Write back Email. I get that done swiftly cos its configures on my Mobile, and Dnt worry much I aint No stalker, life is filled with Opportunities than to Stalk..worst case scenerio we just make friends.
Have a Blissful Holidays.
Why he wrote me, I don't know. Clearly he did not read my profile, since it says I am an agnostic and pretty serious about it, and all my Questions about god and religion would indicate that I am not a match with someone whose "everyday doing" is all about some form of religiosity.

I am so glad he ain't no stalker so I don't need to worry much, but he ain't no speller, either.
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