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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
I would not suggest a foursome.

Why can't it be a dinner/movie date with this couple to "try it on" in a safe way if you want to try a small Opening? End it with a hug/kiss good night and then take time out to digest it.

Why does it have to be just leaping into group sex because this couple propositioned you in the past? Can you see how over the top that can seem?
GG, you make some good points that I had not considered. There is, however, some information that you don't have: The other couple, let's call them Laura and Greg, have been very good friends of ours for the last 10 years. My wife and I are close mutual friends of Laura's and we all go out all the time. We have also been doing a sort of date night wife/husband swap.

Laura and I enjoy steak, so we go out together often since our significant others don't enjoy that. Greg and my wife go to "wing night" since Laura and I don't care for that. This has been working well and Laura is a great friend to me and is the individual I have mentioned in the past that has 4 kids. She and I have shared enough dates that my comfort level with her is high and she has expressed interest in me as more than friends, though she tempers that with the realization that her friendship with my wife complicates things.

That said, I can see how my wife may see that as less than appealing. I just felt like it might be a good fit because of the existing comfort level (for me) and mutual attraction. I am certainly curious, but need to do alot more research and reading before I would ever move forward. I will be looking into several of the referenced books from this thread and others I am following.
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