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Default Poly and Pregnant!

Hi guys. My name is Sandra and Iím from Los Angeles. I have a poly life but am not up to date with all the terminologies and such so bear with me. I will be happy to give you all a full background but will need you all to guide me with what you would like to know

For right now, I will say Iím 32 years old, married 6 years, and have a 3 year old son. Two years ago, I began to socialize a lot more frequently with a man I worked with through various business ventures. He was a recent widower and I tried to be there as much as I could to help him heal. In the process, I eventually developed feelings for him and told my husband. He wasnít a happy camper obviously but loved me to the point that he didnít want to lose me.

I told him I was confused and didnít know what to do. We took a month off from each other and by the end of that month, I asked my husband if he would be ok with my friend possibly moving in with us temporarily so that he isnít alone at least. My husband was open-minded and agreed that it would be ok. Long story short, I eventually fell in love with my friend and am now leading a poly relationship with he and my husband.

Itís been a year since weíve all been together and about 6 months ago, my bf and I decided that we would want a baby together as well just as my husband and I had my son. So now Iím 6 months pregnant and happier than ever Please ask away and I will answer.
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