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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
I am HORRIBLE at being a hinge with people in general...never introduced friends to each other, or boyfriends to friends, if they weren't in the same social circle already. I get nervous enough just inviting a person to hang out at my house one on one if I don't know them really well. Don't mind if Adam has people over if I don't have to act as hostess unless I choose, but to co-host an event I really have to be in the right mind space.
I so totally get this! It is very rare that I hang out with a friend and partner. That was one poly challenge: I was in LDR with Mya, and she would come to visit me, so obviously there was quite a lot of hinge time for me. In the situation very much worth it. Yet, I enjoy it so much now that we are in the same city: I can see both of them alone, and when there are group hang outs, it is not that they "have to spend time together because of me", but because they want to see each other, too. Somehow, psychologically, there is a big difference for me.

Games are such a great group activity. Hope you guys have fun!
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