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Originally Posted by amk View Post
Has anyone in a monogamous relationship had polyamory suggested by a spouse and eventually decided it was for them, too? What was the journey like?
Kind of.

Early on in the relationship we acknowledged that although we wanted to be together, there were sexual experiences we had not yet had, and so we both wanted the freedom to pursue said experiences.

It wasn't until maybe a year or so later that SO explained his desire to have another girlfriend, and over time after mistakes were made and miscommunication on both ends, I had a panic attack. I was searching for answers, felt lost and ambushed, and needed to know I wasn't crazy to be feeling how I felt.

It's been just over a year since joining this forum and I'm so glad I did. I have come a LOOOOOONG way from where I was. I myself made discoveries that have centered me, and allowed for a deeper understanding of what poly means for us as a couple and as individuals.

Side note - I believe I have always had poly-leaning tendencies but just never called them that, or thought there was a name for them.
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