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Originally Posted by River View Post
Poly is definitely not "all about the sex". Still, the overwhelming majority of us are not asexual and our "romantic" (so-called) relationships generally do include sex.
Yeah, I definitely understand that. My point is poly is about love first and foremost; then, of course, for the vast majority who are sexual, sex is a natural thing coming with love. But the assumption that poly = lots of sex/promiscuity seems very common (even some people in the asexual community think so), which is annoying to me.

Originally Posted by River View Post
How important is touch in "romantic" relationships? Just what is it that makes a relationship "romantic"?
For me it's non-sexual physical intimacy that makes a relationship "romantic". Or to put it this way: romantic and platonic feelings are different in themselves, and physical intimacy is how I express my romantic feelings and differentiate "romantic" from "platonic". But there are also asexuals who don't feel this way.
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