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Originally Posted by MonoPoly View Post
(I love this woman with all my heart and if I am to be true to that I should be able to find forgiveness in all situations.) )
Nope, you are in this relationship as well, in my opinion she shouldn't be going off and doing whatever she wants just because she says she is poly. Everything is to be discussed in great detail and the rules/negotiations/boundaries, what ever you want to call them, are to be significant/meaningful to both of you.

Originally Posted by MonoPoly View Post
Should I be aware of her partner(s)? Should I establish my own relationship with them? I think it's important that I accept them because they contribute to her happiness and her expression. Should she tell me anything? Or should I not inquire about her other relationships at all? I don't want to be ignorant of them and I know that's not the correct choice to make. We had the discussion about what it might be like if she were to attend an event with another partner that I was to be attending also. How is affection shown? is it shown in front of the other partner? not at all?(that one doesn't sound right)
All this is negotiable and up to the bounds of your relationship. I personally would not feel comfortable with being with anyone my husband doesn't know and mutual agree with me to be an appropriate addition to our family/relationship. Others think differently, again, the decision is entirely up to the two of you.
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