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Originally Posted by alphafour View Post
I don't want to pry, but when you say "asexual" are you referring to abstinence and celibacy, or mechanized pleasurable entertainment?
Er... "mechanized pleasurable entertainment"? What do you mean?

Asexuality refers to a lack of sexual attraction. It is not celibacy or abstinance- many asexuals choose to be both of those, but there are those asexuals who have sex to please a sexual partner, and even those who enjoy sex. I know a few polyamorous asexuals, as well as those who have a polyamorous partner who has sex with other partners instead of asking the asexual.

Asexuals are capable of being romantic, and wanting to date, fall in love, etc which is why you'll see some who call themselves hetero/homo/bi/pan/etc-asexual, but not all are. This is a good resource if you're curious about it.
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