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How soon after the news did the open marriage talks start ....on the ride home ?

I waited just over a week. I felt like that was sufficient time for she and I to process what had just happened.

We're you too clingy when they thought she might die or were you a rock ...or is that what she was looking for in a rock.....a clingy rock?

The clinginess started after everything was over.

It sounds like she has a plan with one particular guy in mind and you keep mucking it up ( in her mind you keep mucking it up )

She referred to more than one, but she may have specific plans for one in particular.

Is your wife sure now that she wants to be married and why? Has she sorted that out by herself or with the add of a professional?

She has told me that she loves me more than anyone else, doesn't want to lose me and wants to stay married for sure. I don't know how that will change if I decide that polyamory isn't for me, but she says that it won't matter...I have my doubts. She feels VERY strongly about polyamory and has told me more than once that she will ALWAYS desire to have sex with other men, regardless of what I decide.

As I said before, I am not deciding anything until I am OK with me. I need to figure out how to rid myself of my crushing insecurity.
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