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That is so cool Ceoli! Wow, I didn't know you were a UU.

I'd been meaning to go to the UU Church regularly before I moved this year but I never did.

I researched them like crazy before college and when I was a freshman at university. I came across them while looking for pagan groups.

I actually went, completely new to that town and catching the bus late at night, to a CUUPS meeting. They were so nice. Warm and open. I was nervous at first but that did ease after a while. When they realized I didn't have a ride home and the buses had stopped running, a few of them drove me back to my dorm on campus. (This was me, first year out of NYC in a town where the public transportation was quite noticeably unlike NYC transit).

It was a very positive experience for me and I felt a little buzzed from the energy of the ritual.

I didn't and still don't feel the UUs would clash with my spirituality, politics or any of my identities. Nevermind my slight aversion to the word "church." I feel it would be a good supplement in my spiritual path.

I would like to find a spiritual center that my love also enjoys. He is Christian and accepting of my spirituality. We've spoken about it. The United Church of Christ is another that shares many of the same views as the UUs and they are allied it seems in different places. We'll explore together which is best for us individually.

There are UU congregations where I am now (still Upstate). One even had a Solstice celebration last week. I really yearned to go but there was a holiday party at work (out of millions of holiday parties dear lord...)

I've vowed to start in January and it would be great to connect with other polys who just happen to be UUs and vice versa .

Are you a polyamorist or non-monogamous individual between the ages 18-35? Are you located in New York State or the Northeast?
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