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If you wanted to know how it went.

The short answer is: very well.

And the long answer is here (url split up due to paranoia):





It changes things, to not feel like I'm hiding something anymore. If I curl myself up against his side and squeeze his arm, I no longer have to wonder what he'll make of it. He knows and it's not a problem. I can be my whole self with no pretense and no apprehension.

In addition to all that, I gave them their holiday presents and they really liked them. We had dinner with my roommates. And then, the three of us went to an amazing show together, something Gia had never seen but had really wanted to, and all three of us were in tears from laughing.

Such a ridiculously good evening. Love from her, warmth from him, sex, food, friends, laughter, new experiences.

Aside from how happy all of it made me -- and it made me very, very happy -- I can't say how wonderful it was to see her lustful and relaxed and laughing and carefree. She's been on the verge of slipping into a depression the last few days, it's actually been kind of rough. She's been paying attention to it, facing it and fighting it valiantly, but she's just exhausted, her life can be so draining. I hope, so much, that this night, with two people who love her so deeply, can help carry her through the last of this piece of the season. If we're lucky, January will be a little calmer.
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