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thanks for the welcome and I do hope to make some connections and maybe get some understanding of what my wife and I are looking for. We had always assumed the casual hookup would be the end of it.

Ciel - thanks, its been different. The other relationships we had were easy and dismissive. We are still friends but there was never a click. This new feels like at any given time either of us could have been with her in a relationship. As a 3way it feels the same, but she just keeps pushing. She has been very aware of her bounderies and what she wanted. Hope that makes sense ...I have to say, I don't miss dating...jeez haha

Are you a mountain biker or golfer? Most people don't visit whistler in the summer otherwise. BC is a stunning place to live, originally from ontario, I moved here to be with my gf who later became my wife. Olympics, yes...gearing up is one word. Most of us locals are burned out, but the olympics will jolt us back into it. I think most of us are planning a prolonged vacation in may haha...and the road is mostly done, I think you can safely get from Van to Whis in 1.5 hours or close to it.
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