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Hi Taggie, glad you're still with us.

"I have actually put this intro up twice sorry. I didn't realise there was a delay until they were posted, now I can't work out how to delete the other one if its even possible."
If you want, you can ping one of the forum leaders; they are listed at ... One of them might be able to condense this thread into another thread, or even just remove this thread if you want them to. I'm thinking you might want to talk to someone on the administrator level.

Re: S ... I would try to find a way to bring things up with him, even if it's just in small bits. What are his feelings for you, what does he see as his ideal relationship with you. Perhaps some negotiating will be involved. You may take the chance of getting some heartache, but you'll also gain some clarity with the situation, and a better idea of where to go from here.

I hope this helps a little.
Kevin T.
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