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Yes, it happens.

In my case it was ME that started to say the wrong name, and it didn't happen waking happened during a sexual encounter. I recognized it half a syllable in and tried to choke it back...and it ended up coming out like a name similar, but not identical to MrS's...I thought it had gone unnoticed but later Dude asked me "Who the hell is 'Bob', anyway?" We laughed a lot and told MrS about it later.

Dude now tells me that, during sex, I used to get it wrong quite a bit and never even noticed. He decided to just take it as a compliment, I was so caught up in my sensations that I was delirious with pleasure and just came out with my "default" name (After all Dude was my first male partner after being with MrS for 19 years).

I wouldn't read too much into it - just feel confident that he feels so comfortable with you that his auto-pilot morning routine kicks in. Next time (if there is one) just say, "Yes, I'd like some coffee..and I am Cee, by the way." Then make a joke about the fact that he is SO sexy that he has SO many lovers he can't even keep track of them ALL.

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