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No worries on the negative reactions. Jerks exist in all walks of life. Ha ha!

As for our current, we would be if things were more "involved". We've known her since May and things picked up in July. We would see each other roughly 2-4 times a month, which was fine. But there is NO interaction outside of that. You know...the best way to get to know someone? Lol. She's not a fan of texting which is fine so we asked what best way to communicate with her. She informed us email would be best for contact outside of in person. But even that has not worked. So, we'll see where things go from here. Communication is massively important to us. And it's just lacking from her end. As for being secondary, that's not a problem at all. Have been from the start. But we'd like a bit more. We'll see where it goes when we have a chance to chat more in person.
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