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Originally Posted by sea View Post
Bottom line is personal deffinition of swinging or poly may not be the same as anyone elses, but it is just opinion.
We are all entitled to our opinions and shouldn't we be respecting the right of others to have their own opinions. We don't have to agree, just respect!
I agree. What makes me feel disconcerted is when others seek to highlight dynamics which exist in other's relationships as "not really being poly" because it differs from the activities they themselves engage in or the way they practice polyamory.

Originally Posted by sweetie View Post
It may cynical... but the swingers can keep what they have. The ones I met this summer, made it perfectly clear that I was somehow lacking.
Do you feel this one encounter is indicative of how swingers generally behave?

I have encountered poly women who have had bad experiences with poly couples because of attitudes not dissimilar to what you described.

I would feel loathe to paint a broad brush over any group because of an experience I had with just one portion of it. However that is my approach and may not be others.

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