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T-minus four hours to threesome! I am looking forward to this to such an intense degree, I can't even tell you. Trying trying trying not to expect anything in particular... heck, just getting to be in bed with them both is exciting enough (three months since the last time we did this!)... but omfg, I want so bad for them to wreck me, gang up on me, hurt me, use me, errr... sorry, my kinks are showing.

That's not why I'm taking a moment to write, though. During my recent out-of-state trip, I went to a museum that took my breath away. It was almost painful, how much I wanted Gia to be able to see it too -- she loves the subject matter of that particular gallery even more than I do, and I just knew she'd be blown away. I wrote her an email that night, suggesting that maybe we could go back together, as a day trip, for my birthday this spring -- my parents could finance it as my bday present, was my thinking, as they're often at a loss for what to get me. I acknowledged that it'd feel a little silly, flying up in the morning and back down in the evening, but there'd be no other way to do it in a single day, and I figured that she's still not ready to leave Bee alone at night (I left unsaid the fact that she and Eric try to never ever spend the night apart -- it's kind of a big deal for them). She didn't respond to the email, but I didn't let it trouble me, I figured she was weighing the idea, that maybe it was either too much for her to accept, or too much time away from her family.

We spoke today and I mentioned the proposal. Turns out she likes the idea... and actually wants to do it as an overnight trip! She thinks she and Bee might be ready to be separated for 24 hours by then, and she spoke to Eric about breaking their "always sleep together if remotely possible" guideline and he said she should go for it.

I just stared at my screen for a minute, shocked and happy. That was really the last thing I'd been expecting. It'll be a big step for our relationship.

We used to spend the night together, the three of us, fairly regularly, back when Gia and I were first dating, in the year before she conceived Bee. I'd come over on the weekend, we'd hang out, have awesome group sex, and I'd leave some time the next day. Such a lovely feeling of intimacy, snuggled between the two of them. *sigh* Back then it really felt more like a triad in some ways... Gia and I hadn't gone too far yet in developing our emotional connection, and sex was almost always with all three of us, since 1) they were rarely apart, 2) we all wanted each other, and 3) Gia had a much easier time bypassing her anxiety that way. There was one single night during that time when I slept over and it was just the two of us, when Eric was away for work.

Things changed drastically when she got pregnant -- the sex stopped entirely, but I still spent the night a handful of times. During that time, the relationship became more of a pronounced vee, with Gia and I spending regular couple-time together at their place and making out a bit, while Eric and I kept our hands (and mouths) off each other and were simply friends and metamours.

Now, in the year and a half since Bee was born, the relationship no longer feels at all like a triad. Gia and I have put a lot of focus into building our emotional and physical connection, and have a very distinct relationship. Sex has hardly been frequent but it's been there, with threesomes now being the rarity. As for sleepovers, since they co-sleep with Bee, there literally hasn't been room for me. Several months ago, when Eric had to go on a business trip -- the first since that one two years before -- I slept in their bed, with Gia and the baby, for a few nights, which was terribly nice. And then, when we visited our friends at the beach house, the four of us shared a king-sized bed. But those occurrences were oddities, made possible by circumstance alone.

Now, for the first time in two-plus years, we'll be spending the night alone together again -- no husband, no baby. For the first time, it'll be because of circumstances of our own making. And it won't be in the bedroom she normally shares with her husband, it'll be someplace new, special, just for the two of us. On a trip just for us.

You guys, I can't stop smiling.
Me, 30ish bi female, been doing solo poly for roughly 5 years. Gia, Clay, and Pike, my partners. Davis, ex/friend/"it's complicated." Eric, Gia's husband. Bee, Gia and Eric's toddler.

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