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Originally Posted by InsaneMystic View Post
Completely regardless of what other traditions exist, if there is even one religion that treats marriage in terms of religious rites/sacraments/etc., that means it's factually not true that it's a totally secular term.
Seriously? Tonberry never said it was a totally secular term, she said it had no religious connotation to HER and many other people. You are the one insisting that because one religion made it a "sacrament" that it is now a totally religious term. Despite the fact that no church can legally marry anyone without the approval of the state (referring to the US). The church doesn't issue marriage licensees, the states do, the church doesn't keep the legal records, those are kept at the County Clerks office. Marriage requiring legal contracts have been around long before the Catholic Church was ever created and is embraced world wide and across many religions, even religions that hate each other. If it was purely a religious word, it would change and from one religion to the next.

This argument seems about as silly as certain groups refusing to use the word Halloween and substituting Harvest Festival instead. It's still a Halloween party. If you don't want to use the word marriage, DON'T! That's your personal choice. To many of the rest of us, marriage doesn't have any religious connotations, other than some ceremonies are performed by a religious leader and maybe in a religious building.
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