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In my experience, marriage holds no significance other than the lesson it taught me. We tried to hammer our relationship into societies marriage when we were mono, and had to face the mold of marriage as useless to us. Now it means something else. A commitment. I don't uncommit to anything, I just alter my view of things. Anyone new, is new, lawyers can work wonders if that relationship gets that committed too. Any problems arising are not from marriage, but of your expectations based on it.
Explain it to others and the threat is removed. Everyone needs informed, doesn't matter what you call it. Love is equal, relationships are built.

My opinion, of course.
“For an instant I think I saw. I saw the loneliness of man as a gigantic wave which had been frozen in front of me, held back by the invisible wall of a metaphor.”
― Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan
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