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Hold up, I think there was one misunderstanding that would make this conversation much less intense.

Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Marriage, to me, is NOT a religiously charged word. It's totally secular, and religious people happen to use the same word for their religious unions.
When Tonberry said this, I believe there was an implied "to me after "totally secular". The statement was not meat to be the total sum of the word marriage, but only how it is used in personal use. So then this reply

Originally Posted by InsaneMystic View Post
It's blatantly obvious to me that it's religiously charged; and in any case, it's objectively, factually wrong to say that it's totally secular. Marriage is a Catholic sacrament. End of story, your point is disproven.
was not meant as a sum total of the word marriage either. I believe writing it as "Marriage is at least a Catholic sacrament" would have made the point more clearly, with less offense taken, because the InsaneMystic is indeed factually correct.
And yes, it bothers me a lot that people indiscriminately use a word with the connotations this one brings.
This is one area where the majority get to determine how language evolves. Regardless of the historical context, if most people chose to use the word marriage without implying the connotations it once had, then the minority who still keep those connotations forefront in their mind are unfortunately out of luck.

Originally Posted by InsaneMystic View Post

I have neither passed judgement on, nor disrespected, nor rejected anything, except the objectively and verifiably untrue statement that marriage was "totally secular".
To be fair, that may be what you thought you were doing, but if you re-read what you wrote with a more objective eye you may be able to see how it could be taken as THE blanket definition of marriage from your point of view. I was raised Catholic, and your statement about marriage being a Catholic sacrament certainly confused me! I too thought you were saying that's ALL marriage is until I read your next response.
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