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Default ... and our first +2!

One thing I forgot to mention... we had our first +2 at Grotto's work Xmas party tonight! It was pretty special, though nothing formal. Grotto had work drinks tonight while Ocean & I had planned a date for the two of us, making Mayan hot chocolates, chillin & cuddling at home.

I then get a call from Grotto after work asking what I was doing, if I wanted to join his work drinks. I said I had plans with Ocean, but we might both like to come if O would he be invited too? A smooth word to his boss and snap, a +2. Ocean was down for it, so we waltzed in soon afterwards and were introduced to everyone. Some people had no idea of the poly situation, including G's boss, which made things quite beautifully hilarious.

I know his boss, we've met a handful of times, and we have a good rapport. Apparently the conversation with him earlier had gone something like this.

Grotto: "Hey, mind if my girlfriend and her husband come over?"
His boss: "Ah, sure... Ok. I think it's probably best if I ask no more questions."

Ocean & I are friends with quite a few of Grotto's colleagues so it was super comfortable being there. The inner circle made some toasts to the company's diversity policy It took a while to get Grotto's boss to meet my eye though. First time I said hello, he slipped his gaze away as if he wasn't sure how to relate to me in this context. But Grotto and I pounced on him later, and did the whole introduction of Ocean thing, and all was well. He bought Ocean and me drinks and, yeah, it was heart-warming.

Grotto said he was really glad we both came, and that it felt good to be family the way we are.

I felt a smidgen greedy to have a +2 - it's not something I'd expect as a rule because it does make sense to limit people's dates to things like weddings, office events etc where the food/drinks are being paid for. But occasionally squeezing free booze and an outing for the three of us on the backs of a friendly boss and/or the company's diversity policy? Oh yeah.
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