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Red face

Op I feel your pain.. My husband has one hard line rule in our relationship my boyfriend does not spend time at our house other than brief moments.

My husband has to work Christmas eve, and so do I. He works 3-11pm Christmas Eve I am working 10a-1p. The kids and I are going to my boyfriends house for Christmas Eve where I will make a big meal and etc.

Christmas day is the stickler. My boyfriend gave several options none which work for my husband. My boyfriend wants me to spend Christmas eve night with him over night. My husband wants the kids home so he can see them open their gifts. Christmas day is being spent with my boyfriends family. (My closest family is 10 hours away in Cincinnati. My husband's family is in Chicago) So it looks like I will be driving all over God's green earth Christmas day. My boyfriend and I live 25 miles apart.
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