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I have neither passed judgement on, nor disrespected, nor rejected anything, except the objectively and verifiably untrue statement that marriage was "totally secular".

Completely regardless of what other traditions exist, if there is even one religion that treats marriage in terms of religious rites/sacraments/etc., that means it's factually not true that it's a totally secular term. RomCath is one of the religions that does so, and as somebody who was a member of that one until ten years ago, it just happens to be the one I'm most familiar with, so that was the example I used. With that one example to point to, Tonberry's statement has been objectively proven false - there is, undeniably, a religious, non-secular meaning of the term "marriage".

I have neither stated nor implied that RomCath had "invented" marriage, nor that it was a religious institution in every human culture ever. I did not reject or invalidate anybody's cultural history; they are simply not relevant in any way to the argument I made. The RomCath stance on marriage shatters Tonberry's point irretrievably, just by RomCath being a religion, without any need for it to be "The One True Way". (You can take my word on it that I'll be the first one to scoff at the idea that it, or any other religious/spiritual belief system, were anything even remotely like TOTW.)
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