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Thank goodness this Christmas will be a quiet one this year. I need a break and some peace. Silence will be welcomed... oh ya, I live with three boys and video games are coming in from Santa. Likely not to be quiet around here.

We are all hunkering down at home this year on our own. Just the four of us. Derby leaves tomorrow with her husband and the kids to go to her home town to visit. Brad is spending time at home with his family. I will make Christmas treats with him tomorrow night and he and his boy are coming over Christmas Eve to spend some time with me and exchange gifts. We are spending time with PN's mum on Christmas day and time with my parents at the island home on Boxing day for a couple of nights. Mono, LB and I will go up. This weekend PN is taking LB to visit his dad on another island and Mono and I will have the day together. We have several parties to go to together this weekend also. PN is keeping it low key and not going out much. I will be spending a lot of social time with Mono it seems. Such as it usually goes for us.

I am looking forward to Solstice tomorrow morning as it is a time when I clear my thoughts and mind and think about the year ahead. As is the tradition I go and take a coffee down to the ocean and watch the sun rise.
Its a clear night, perhaps that means a clear dawn.

In the past years Mono has been with me. Most of the time LB is too and sometimes PN. Sometimes my parents have come too. This year it looks like Mono, LB and I will be there.

It seems significant this year for some reason. Maybe because of the hype of the Mayan calender ending, maybe due to the struggles I have been having of late... maybe there really is a shift about to occur for me and my life. If there is I wish for it to mean that everyone is satisfied with the result of that shift. I wish for everyone to not be harmed and only to be helped in their life.
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