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Default (almost) Happy Solstice from Philly

New here, I have recently come to accept polyamory as a likely possibility for the vast majority of my life.

At this point, I pretty much just want to make out with all the friends I actually like/respect. I want to be close to people when I'm with them without being required to think about them all the time when we're apart either. But I'm still not really attracted to anyone enough to pursue anything romantic or sexual. Some kind of polyamorous asexuality in it's own way. Sometimes labels do help clarify things, although I usually consider them more detrimental.

I'm ranting a bit.

I guess part of this polyamory-curiosity is because I've never quite understood how to emotionally attach myself to someone past that first level of romantics near the beginning. Sure, I've dated people for various amounts of time, but I never felt a close attachment.

I've since felt more empowered accepting that I'm not compatible romantically with people just yet. I don't think I've learned enough yet to truly appreciate an individual to such a high degree. Still learning about myself, I guess?

I'd love to dialogue with anyone with similar or different experiences.
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