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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
What it is really about is making her feel as loved and secure as we can make her. She is a beautiful and loving person who worries about people and our situation.

Both Scott and I work at letting her know how loved she is, and that she can have what she wants. What she has wanted, is what she has now. She is content and very happy, and we intend to keep her that way.
That's wonderful. I think really, when you get through all the "kink" in cuckolding, this is the statement you'll find with most serious partners. It's just a situation where the husband devotes himself to the wife's happiness, and he derives a great deal of enjoyment from that. Peel back the theatrics and little things, and it's a very basic set of principles.

I'm going through the same relationship now. We originally started as both seeing others, but then we stopped once we got serious in our professional lives (We have 2 children from her previous marriage as well, makes it hard to go out and be kinky.) But recently, she let me know that she has been missing it, especially the more aggressive/dominant tendencies of her ex.

I, however, have not been missing other women...and so we kind of fell into a cuckolding dynamic. And I'm more fulfilled by it then when I used to see other women. It's wonderful watching her get what she needs, and then being there for her afterwords, in the way that we connect (Emotionally.)...and I'd be lying if it was not extremely arousing to see the differences between what I can do and what her lover can, and we incorporate that play into our play while we're laying together (Usually involving just tertiary sex acts..heh, she jokes she is too tired and sore after him! Drives me wild.)

But in any case. Yes, it's great that in the end, it's all for her happiness, and if this lifestyle works for you, the cuck, I feel, derives a huge amount of satisfaction from being the one to "give" here, even if he doesn't do a lot of the kink/humiliation aspects.
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