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Default New here!

Hi there! I'm Celestine. I am from the Edmonton, Canada area. I am new to polymory.. No I am new to practicing polymory. I have had fantasies about how cool the lifestyle could be since I was at least 20. I am 35 now. I love the idea of being able to love without feeling confined to one person. I have tried to stay in monogomous relationships all these years and at some point I always get restless and leave them. This time I am with an amazing man and I want to stay with him but I am feeling the restlessness... Our problem is that he is monogamous and is not the slightest bit interested in what I am doing. He does not get how I can "love" more than one man or woman equally. He thinks it means something is wrong with him. Since he was so dead set against this arrangement I starting things off wrong and I cheated. I have since changed my ways and would not do it again. We are healing from that and our relationship has improved. I try nearly daily to explain that there is not anything wrong with him and that I am just wired this way. He still doesn't really get it but he is supportive and allows me to "date". I am currently looking for another boyfriend. This can work, I know it.

It is nice to meet everyone and I am excited to read about how people here can make this a successful experience.
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